Listening to the sound of the soul

Hours pass, one by one ...
And I am still looking for that one sound that will make my world change its shape. Searching for sounds for an album is similar to a fitting room where you match the sounds to the appearance of your own soul. It is very important not to be deceived by your own mind and what you already know about music. Sometimes my mind tells me to turn a bit towards pop or more commercial music, but my soul protests. No! It's not meant to be music for everyone. Not everyone is ready for it, not everyone will understand to what harbor the waves of music are driving them. It is a journey within yourself from which there may be no turning back. People don't realize how sounds shape our reality over the years. Therefore it is very important what music you listen to and even what tone you speak. This is the magic of sounds. That's why when I compose music for you, I spend a lot of time choosing the right sounds. If in a given tone, its vibration does not reach the soul, I simply bypass it. That is why it is said that music must live, must vibrate, and then we can touch it and embrace it with all our hearts. This whole composting process is a great journey into the unknown. Entering my studio, I don't know what I'm going to record. I don't have a plan, I just listen to myself ... sometimes I touch the keyboard with a tremble. I do not know where I am leaving today and what melodies I will bring from this trip for you.
One thing I can promise you, you will like them.

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