🙏I have only one wish...

❄️ December this year is not the same as we remember it from a year ago. The playful world that was until recently disappeared somewhere behind the veil of the pandemic that brought mankind to its knees. Life can be very perverse. A year ago I was having fun at the Christmas markets in Poland and in the fairy-tale Czech Prague, where I drank red mulled wine while nibbling sheep's smoked cheese with a cranberry jam. Yummy ... I can still taste that. If there is Santa Claus, I have only one wish for him, that the media madness will finally end. This whole masquerade which brings with it the harvest of wasted human lives as well as the loss of the achievements of many people. How much truth there is in all this, we will probably find out after many years, but I don't care anymore. Let people lice their lives is my only wish for 2021. 

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