🍁Fall is a time of the year where our body naturally begins to vibrate more slowly.

However, it is an energetically perfect time to calm down and reconcile with yourself, God and nature. For me personally, it is a very beautiful and creative time. Many people, however, and maybe you are one of them, fall into Autumn apathy and even depression😥 This is often related to the seasonal change in Earth's vibrations.

I wonder how you deal with this turning point of the year? Perhaps you don't notice these changes at all?🤔

But if you are a person who has a hard time going through such changes during the season, I would like you to help yourself by regularly listening to the sounds of the Indian flute. For me it was an amazing discovery that healed my psyche from quite a lot of trouble in life.

It would of course be great for you to start playing this instrument and believe me it is the easiest instrument in the world that you can learn to play on the same day. In my opinion, apart from the home first aid kit, such an instrument should be in every home. It is one of the leading instruments in musical therapy for a reason. I just bought my first flute on Amazon and it was a very good instrument. Believe me, it was my best investment in myself.

If you are a Spotify listener, I invite you to listen to the sounds of this unusual instrument on my album "Astral Canyon". And if you love this album, you can buy it in my web-shop with Autumn promotion.

Meanwhile, keep warm and don't get flu!


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