Appreciation Time

       I look out the window and wonder what our world will look like in a few months? 🤔
Will the sun shine in the sky, will there be clear water in the tap and will I be able to buy apples in the store?
Such mundane thoughts have been bothering me lately ...

       I don't know about you but these last few months seem like eternity to me. So much has happened in the world that I feel like I'm 300 years old.
I also feel very sorry for people who sometimes do not understand what is happening now. I see confusion, uncertainty and sadness in their eyes.

      I was born in Poland, in a country that survived two world wars on its territory and was under partitions for many years. My grandparents took part in the last war and I remember their faces on which the war left its marks.
When they talked about bombings, hunger and fear, I saw in their eyes a deep experience that made their lives irretrievably changed.
I also watched how much they respected each piece of bread. When the crumb fell to the ground, they picked it up and kissed it.
For them, everything was of great value and they taught me the same.

      I think that we live in times in which the time has come for us to appreciate what we have and, above all, the people we have around us. People who are still smiling and who still have dreams to be happy in this crazy world.

I am writing to you just to THANK YOU that I can keep in touch with you and I pray every day that they will not take the internet from us. Despite the huge censorship that we are currently experiencing, we can still communicate and this is extremely important for all people in the world.

Maybe you have already seen it or not, but recently I released a new single and video that I made myself. I wanted to show the wheel of creation and that all material elements in this world come full circle.
I wonder how you understand this movie because for you, it may mean something completely different.
I will appreciate if you will let me know how do you understand this video🤔

I cordially greet you from the window of my dreams

with love❣️

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